DCloud Platform

Terminal Management

Enterprises can learn about the usage status of the device through the dashboard, such as network status, battery status, location, etc. Once the device is found to be abnormal, the enterprise can contact the end-user in time, emergency lock the device, or reset the device to prevent data outflow.

Device Dashboard

You can easily learn the detailed information and working status of the device through the dashboard, such as the current activation number of the device, which equals to how many devices are running, the approximate location of the device, the APP installation status of the device and the technical support appointment of the devices.

Location Capture

It is convenient to monitor and obtain the geographical location of the equipment all the time and assist the management personnel to check whether the equipment is used within the permitted scope. It also protects the machine from loss or theft.

Wherever your devices are scattered, you can easily manage them centrally and keep track of where they are at all times.

Device Lock

When the device beyond the authorized scope, the device will be locked, such as out of the region, using other networks, etc., the device cannot be operated till unlock from DCloud server.

Device Reset

If the device is stolen or used in an illegal area, you can remotely reset the device at the terminal, prohibiting the user from using your data or files in an illegal area.

Application Management

You can use the AMS to manage the APP, and use the scheduling management to force the silent installation or uninstallation of the application. There is no need for companies to worry about whether customers install updates or whether they can find installation packages. With just a few clicks, the company can decide which applications to deploy to the corresponding device. There is no need to use Google play to download the app, which reduces unnecessary software installation to the POS machine, reduces the security risk of the device, and extends the service life.

Silence Installation

It does not affect the end-user to operate, does not need to notify the end-user, and does not go to other APP stores like google store and untrusted websites to complete the installation of the APP.

APP Library

You can have your own APP library, deploy your own APP on your own device, complete the update of the APP, the end-user can choose to install the APP in APP Library by themselves.

Remote Technical Support

When the store is busy, any service interruption will lead to a huge amount of money loss. Time is money. Users do not need to wait for a long time. They should get support and assistance from the expert team at any time!

With the help of Remote Technical Support module, your IT engineer does not need to take the time to explain a simple problem over and over again.

Screen Share

The screen sharing function realizes display sharing between the terminal and the client. The technical support team can clearly see the contents of end-users devices, just like the remote machine is now in their hands.

Gesture Guidance

An icon with a finger that can be remotely directed on the user's device, The end-user would follow your instructions to click the screen and buttons.

Voice Communication

Clear and fluent of voice service, completely replace the function of telephone or other voice software, can operate the machine while communicating, which is very convenient and efficient.

Customize Strategy Deployment

The app will automatcially running after booting, and cannot be exited by end-user. The company’s LOGO or even dynamic effects can be displayed when the device is booted. Access to the network that the enterprise does not allow will be prohibited. With our customize strategy deployment, enterprises can achieve customized the devices without having to spend time and effort to connect to the SDK.

Control Bar

You can set the status bar and navigation bar to enable or disable. After disabling the status bar and/or navigation bar, the operation will be forbidden.

APP Exclusive

The APP can be set to start automatically when it is turned on, and it is not allowed to exit to the launcher, and other apps are not allowed to be used.

APP White List

If an App whitelist is set up, only apps in the whitelist will be allowed to install, that preventing users from arbitrarily installing useless apps.

IP White List

If an IP whitelist is set up, only IP addresses in the whitelist can be accessed, that preventing users from arbitrarily accessing unrelated website.

Boot Animation

Enterprises can set the animation they want to display on the screen when the system starts, or place their own Logo and trademark to meet the needs of brand customization.

DM Browser

Customize the browser appearance according to your business demand. Control user's browsing interface and content to improve security and work efficiency.


Terminal Management

  • Device Dashboard

    • Device information

    • Device Online Status

    • Device Battery Level

    • Device Storage Status

  • Device Lock & Reset

  • Device Location Check

  • Device log check

Application Management

  • Application Library

  • Application Installation

    • Silence Installation

    • Trial Installation

    • Group Installation

  • Application Uninstall

  • Application Update


  • Remote Screen Share

  • Remote Camera Share

  • Gesture Guidance

  • Real-time Communication

    • Text Chat

    • Voice Communication

  • Schedule System

  • Service Shifts

  • FAQ Display

  • API Suppport

Strategy Deployment

  • System Appearance

    • App Icon sizes

    • Wallpaer

    • APP Exclusive

  • Status Bar On & Off

  • Nav. Bar On & Off

  • Boot Animation

  • System Settings

    • WIFI Preset

    • Bluetooth Preset

    • Data network switch

  • Security Settings

    • IP White list

    • APP White list

  • Cusotmize Browser